40 Hours Lite

Several inquiring minds have already asked me: are we still having 40 hours? 

The answer is yes!  We will have Adoration before the Tabernacle for the scheduled times.  St. Cecilia's will host from 6 PM on Friday, March 20 until 2 PM on Saturday, March 21.  Mary Immaculate will then take over from 2 PM on Saturday until 10 AM on Sunday, March 22.  We won't use the monstrance, in case no one can make it for a specific hour, but we will pray before the Tabernacle.  Same as Solemn Exposition.  It just looks different.  All are encouraged to come and pray.  If you signed up for an hour, please come to that hour. We won't have any of the talks or socials or the luncheon.


Let's use this time of prayer before our Lord to pray for trust in God during this difficult time.  God will continue to be with us and heal us in this pandemic.  



Fr. Joe